Asset Management software (AMS) is an important  application that helps   to keep record and track upon  asset handling from procurement to disposal. This application is a potential and powerful tool locate,relocate and allocate asset and it adds extra power and value to a business.

Why :
Appropriate asset management reduce unexpected wastage, control unwanted asset mobilization, minimize cost and enhance benefits. From this point of view our Asset Management Software will give you a fresh breath solution to manage your asset at your business.

How it works:
Our asset Management software (AMS) will support your multidimensional business needs related to a better management of your asset.  Asset Management software includes the following feature:
•    Asset Purchase
•    Addition of Fixed Assets
•    Defining  fixed assets with details of quantity, cost, depreciation
•    Classification of Assets based on Asset Categories.
•    Adding value to existing assets
•    Asset Distribution
•    Asset Tracking
•    Bar code implementation
•    Locations and relocation of assets
•    Allocation and reallocation of Asset
•    Asset Transfer
•    Asset AMC and Insurance Details
•    Depreciation Calculation
•    Fixed Asset Register
•    Declaration of Scrap, Sale of Assets.

An important power lies in asset Management software (AMS) and that is its report generating excellence. AMS will empower you with instant and customizable asset handling reports. This feature includes:
•    Vendor, brand, year, category wise asset register
•    Item, office,location, person wise asset summery
•    Asset log or history of asset.
•    List of asset users
•    Deprecation schedule
•    Asset summery  focusing warranty status
•    Asset summery under service
•    Purchase summary
•    i.Distribution details
•    Scarp summary.
With asset Management software (AMS) it is our highest concern and commitment to promote your business.