Learning is a process to acquire some new knowledge. Learning stands for enhancement and enrichment of the dept and dimension of knowledge. DTCL has developed a product, a web portal to facilitate learners to learn online. ODITI is the name of this solution.

Who can use :
 Students and professional can use this outstanding solution for perfect education and training. Students feel it as their reliable tutors and professional will find it as their encouraging instructors. To use this fantastic solution registration will be required. 

How it works:
Subject wise course will be developed and uploaded for learners. Every course will be  developed using comprehensive text, video tutorial,  appropriate animations and presentation. All these materials and techniques will draw the utmost attention of the learners and they will be able to understand their lessons as tutors make lessons for them.   After completing each lesson or section learners will be able to attend a online exam. Randomly selected questions will be appeared before before the learners to make answers. The pattern of questions will be a set of multiple-choice questions, true-false, fill in the blank etc. In a specified duration the learners will have to complete answering and result will be published automatically. Only the registered user will be able to sit for exam.  Qualified learners will get course certificate by online.

How to register:
The learners need to fill up respective form for registration. After submitting the registration form an activation link will go to the provided email address. If the link is clicked, the account will be activated. Now the learners are ready to choose lesson and get lessons.

Front Desk-The Dashboard:
There will be dashboard from which learners can easily get necessary information about courses and learning procedures. Latest uploaded courses and popular courses lists will be  there. Every course will be posted  under a course category. The course details page will contain the title of the course, course description, modules, course duration and other course related sections.  There will be a story board where learners can found video, text and lesson related documents.

There is a feedback section for each course where learners can give feedback to the course teachers if they have any special remarks on that course.