The DTCL has successfully developed and implemented more than 100 customized software projects of different sizes, categories and technologies. Each project undertaken by DTCL targets a common goal: Increasing efficiency to the client end. Because of possessing high-level expertise of our IT professional on adopting fast moving software technologies, DTCL offers a complete and reliable set of software development, reengineering and deployment services.
All of our software development services go in hand with the company-wide quality assurance process. Since 2011 DTCL Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified to comply with ISO 9001: 2008 standards. However, the accumulation of users experience and best practices for state-of-the-art and reliable software delivery process is always followed by the company.
DTCL can take up a part of or the complete software development process from the client starting from the analysis phase to  go-live deployment.

DTCL can deliver the following services at its own capacity or in cooperation with the in-house team or IT department of the client:

  1.    Authoring the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or Users Experience (UX) 
  2.    Business Solution prototyping and Software Architecture designing
  3.    Coding or code-review in compliance with SRS and architecture